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Rickshaw balancing game

Are you ready to become the fastest Rickshaw puller in town for free? Tired of those bike racing, hill climbing, car parking games and looking for something new? Are you ready for realistic and exciting driving experience ?

Here it is! One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based Rickshaw driving game ever made! And it’s free! For the first time ever on your phone/tablet, drive the most realistic Rickshaw run game, race against time, overcome the toughest road in the city! Become the best Rickshawala on the road 🙂

Here are the new features that will excite you:
★–> Numerous stages with levels to reach in each
★–> Share your score and challenge your friends!
★–> Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
★–> Designed to look good on low resolution and high-resolution devices (incl. tablets)
★–> Environments with excellent eye-catching animation and graphics.
★–> Narrow and ramp roads which looks impossible to climb
★–> Advanced physics engine designed for Rickshaw vehicles

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Tools Used

This game developed using Unity Game Engine. All the codes created from scratch and artworks given from artist. All the artworks created using Photoshop.

Time Stamp

Initial prototyping (30 Hours) -> First complete project with one environment (50 Hours) -> Finalized version (40 Hours)

Total time = 120 Hours.



Game Programming
Game UI
Level Design
Game QA

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