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Dive into the world of colorful faces and listen to what they want to say! This puzzle game is sure to give you The Emoji Movie sensation! These emoji characters are cute, vibrant and jolly that will melt your heart. They like their own emotions better, so the quest is to swipe them to bring at least three of them together. It is THAT easy! Complete the given goals before you run out of moves!

Guess the emojis, switch the myriad faces and make chain for more than three horizontally or vertically and get emojis with extra powers. You can also achieve ninja emojis to cut through them crisscross way. This emoji game is completely free! Although some items in the game requires to be bought only if you want to. They give you extra moves and powers.

The Emoji Quest features are:
* Over 100 stunning levels!
* Match crisscross emojis to get a ninja which cut 9 blocks around!
* Switch and match 5 emojis side by side and get a color wheel to blow up all the emojis!
* Get many more power ups!
* Scoreboard to check your progress!
* The music is hypnotizing

Tools Used

This game developed using Unity Game Engine. All the codes created from scratch and artworks given from artist. All the artworks created using Photoshop.

Time Stamp

Initial prototyping (30 Hours) -> First complete project with one environment (50 Hours) -> Finalized version (40 Hours)

Total time = 120 Hours.



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