Agent Kills Age of Elite Spy

Game Development | Unity

Sky Games
Action platformer shoot-em-up

Agent 007 legends, x elite force spy head is a under shield cover for long years. Now in an elite force spy assassin kill mission works uncover secret spy detector. Agent 007: Age of Elite Spy is a platformer side scrolling shooting agent game where the agent x elite force rescues the nation from foreign tiny spies companies. Shooting with agent spy is a joyous feeling killing and become an elite force tiny spy rank.

* Plat-former shoot-em-up
* Shoot other agent spy, age of spy
* Elite spy assassin killing mission
* Stunning 2d graphics
* Cool sound effects
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Tools Used

This game developed using Unity Game Engine. All the codes created from scratch and artworks given from artist. All the artworks created using Photoshop.

Time Stamp

Initial prototyping (30 Hours) -> First complete project with one environment (50 Hours) -> Finalized version (40 Hours)

Total time = 120 Hours.



Game Conceptualization
Game Design
Technical Analysis
Game Programming

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